License Activation

Some time ago, I installed eM Client on my PC and my laptop. (Both have Windows 10) A few days ago I received a notice from eM Client on both computers to say that I had to register the program. I opted for the Free Version as I only use the program for my personal emails and I only have one Hotmail email account. I registered and received an activation key/code number. I activated the licence on my PC and everything was fine. The next day I did the same on my laptop and again, no problems. Later that day I started my PC and tried to open eM Client and received a notice saying that I didn’t have a valid licence and that I needed to re enter the activation code. (It also pointed out that this “situation can occur if you have modified your computers’ hardware configuration, reinstalled Windows or deactivated your license.”) I have done none of these! I entered to code I had received previously and everything worked okay. I then started my laptop and found I had to go through this same procedure on it before I could use eM Client. I find that every time I move from one computer to the other and start the eM Client program I have to go through this procedure! Very annoying! With the Free Version, am I only permitted to use the program on one computer? Or is there another problem, maybe in the settings? EM Client is set as the default program for my emails. I hope there’s a solution or I may have to go back to my previous mail client.


Just like you said - one license is good for one computer. If you activate the same license on a different device, the previous device is deactivated. A solution to this would be to create another Free license. 

Hope that helps.