License activation Issue

when i enter my activation code its showing -“This computer cannot be activated due to violation of our license policy. Please contact our sales department.”

A violation of the license policy means you are suspected of using the Free License for commercial or business use.

If you are using the Free License for personal use only, you can write to eM Client and have the license reinstated. If you are using eM Client for commercial or business use, you need to purchase a Pro License.

Am uszing the same for my personal use only. What’s the step to take for license reinstate

As the error suggested, contact eM Client. You will find contact details at


In this case you were suspected of using the FREE licence for a commercial purpose which is considered as a violation of our licence policy. We informed you with an email notification but after you refused to answer, we deactivated your licence. If this is a misunderstanding, please contact me at: [email protected] with an explanation.

Thank you for your understanding.