Licencia invalida.

Buenos días Señores. En mi cuenta tengo habilitados 2 correos, despues de utilizarla por varios meses, ahora me indica que no tengo licencia valida. ¿Que puedo hacer?

Hi Heli,

Post please a screenshot of the error message or switch eM Client to English and paste here the text of that error.

Thank you,

They suspect you are violating the license agreement by using the free version of eM Client for business or commercial purposes.  You should have received an email from eM Client explaining this.  If you are not using it for commercial purposes, respond to their email explaining the situation and they should reactivate the license.

Otherwise, you will need to purchase a Pro license at:  One benefit of the Pro license is that you will get Pro support, which is generally very good.

Hi Heli,

Thank you for the screenshot.
Just as Jay said, if you consider it as a misunderstanding, send me please an email to


I didnt receive any email.

The question remains, however, are you using the free version for commercial purposes?  If you are not, respond to Russel (email above) and explain the situation.  If you are using the program for commercial purposes, you will have to buy a Pro license by going to: