Licence Problem

Can U pls tell me WHY I have a msg from U which says ur trial period is over YET I thought I had a free licence… I have no more emails arriving and when I attempt to reregister for my email address “[email protected]” I am told there is already a free licence issued for this address AND this is somewhat confusing… TRUSTING this can be sorted JOHN MACLEOD

Hi, have you activated your free license in eM Client? Make screenshot of Help - License window and post it here please.


Hi. I have the same problem. I’ve tried this many times but It does nothing.


Hi, can you please send me the email you used to register the license or what email you’re using to retrieve your license?
Please send it to [email protected]

Thank you,

Hi. the email is [email protected]

Thank you


Hi, I found an active license under this account and have sent the licensing information to that email, the email with your activation should arrive within few minutes.

We had an issue on our website and the retrieve your license form was not working for a while, it should be fixed now.

Thank you for understanding, let me know if the licensing information arrived to your inbox.