licence key is time limited. :(

I installed the free emClient some weeks ago. When the 3.0 came out then I made an update. I was very disappointed because of the following problems:

  1. It turned out that my free license is not valid for the new version. When I installed eMC before then it was not written anywhere.

  2. It turned out that if my license has to be reactivated then I can not do it because I can not read my old email in which the activation key was received. Even more, I can not read _any_ of my emails while I do not create a new license. This made me very angry!

  3. It turned out that I can not generate a new activation key on your web page because my email is address was used, there was one generated before.

  4. It turned out that the reactivation for 3.0 is valid only for one year. What is if my license expires in the future? Will I loose all of my emails? If Your company disappears in 10 years then I will be unable to access my emails of the past 10 years??? What is if Your policy will be changed and I will not get free license in the future?

These are surprising and made me really disappointed! You promised a free license without mentioning any validity interval. After a time of usage it turned out that I will loose all of information if I don’t get new license key.

This is really bad!!!

The last drop in the glass was that in my signature emClient is mentioned automatically and I can not turn it off with my free license. This would not be a problem if the ones above would not be there…

Please, let me know what I can expect about the future of Your license policy.


Csongor Halmai

ps: There is the “What product or service is it about? Add at least one, please.” question on the problem reporting page. I can not check emClient 3.0, just 2.7 which is not true but I have to check it in order to increase the likelihood of getting an answer.

Good write-up Csongor! I’m having the exact same problem and am equally frustrated.

What’s up emclient? Do we now have to pay for the professional version or risk losing all our email? Or is this some sort of upgrade snafu? Since our emclient email no longer functions, can you send an activation key for the free license to an alternate email address so I can get my emclient sevice up and running again? This is impacting me seriously and it is urgent that you respond asap. Thanks, Todd

Hi Todd, You can create an activation key for any email address (fake is also OK). So You can create a new one any time while the webpage supports this. My problem is that I am naked while my key is possible to expire.

The problem is that no one told it before that I will be sticked to emclient after installing it. That is the problem…

Thanks Csongor. I didn’t realize that emclient supplied the key in that manner (i.e. being able to spoof if necessary). Thanks to you, I’m back in business. Much appreciated and good luck!

I want to clear several things.

  1. eM Client has a free version and will always have.
  2. We ask free users for a registration that is valid by default for 1 year. This will allow you for one year free updates. eM Client won’t stop working when 1 year period is reached. It only won’t let you to install new updates. It is the same model as we use for commericial licenses.
  3. We are going to extend early days free licenses that is about to be expired automatically, so even new versions updates restriction won’t be existent.
  4. Your problems must be different. For example when hardware changes or you change a machine, eM Client asks for reactivation. We can work together to find the exact cause, why eM Client asked you for a new activation.
  5. We know that in case you have no actual license (because of all sort of causes) it won’t let you read emails to find your activation key. It is a problem and we are about to change this behavior so you will be able to read your data, but you only won’t be allowed to connect to your accounts. This change will be incorporated to one of the upcoming updates. For now, we need to cooperate on these issues (in most cases we will send you your activation key manually to your email).
  6. Sent from eM Client signature: we decided to change restrictions of account number restriction for this signature for free versions. We believe it is a small downside in opposite with the full featured unrestricted application.

So one big summary:
You will never lost your access to the current version and your data with free version. The worst thing that can happen in future (but still not probable) that you won’t be allowed to update to new versions with some kind of license!!!

Csongor: I can see two generated free licenses for your name, one is registered for and the second for Two machines seems to be used for the second license, which may be a reason why do you receive reactivation dialog.

We found what was the problem about. It was happening on 64bit OS. We fixed this problem on the server and we apologize for problems it caused.