Licence Exceeded

Notebook Formated, need to insert again the eM Client Licence.

Did you deactivate the license prior to reformatting your notebook? If not, you may have to contact emc to have them reset it. Otherwise, go to menu/help/license and enter the info. If you don’t know your license, you can go to… and enter the email address associated with your license. They will email the license code to you

Hello Jay. In my case I think I forgot to release the license when I format the computer.
How can I proceed? I do have the License number…

Hopefully an emc rep on the forum (usually Olivia) will read the post and help you.  If you have a pro license, you can use pro support and get a much quicker response

Thanks a lot…

Hi Rene,
is this issue still actual or have you resolved the issue with our support?


I have the same problem. I have 1 license for 3 pc but after a pc crash and a format, i can’t use the regular code i have. How can i recover my reg code?