Licence deactivation/deleting

My laptop was stolen with a copy of EM client on it - it was linked to an icloud account so obviously I have changed those passwords so it cannot be used further. There are e-mails stored locally in the application though. Can I deactivate the use of Emclient remotely by having my licence deleted/suspended in some way. I am obviously concerned about someone having access to those stored mails.

Hello Shaun, if you’ve changed your email passwords anyone accessing your computer will no longer be able to access the account through eM Client, but unfortunately eM Client does not disable the access to the current database unless you had the application password protected. Removing accounts remotely is unfortunately not possible without accessing the application directly.

If you were using a gmail account with eM Client as well, you should be able to remove the linked account to eM Client using your account settings, however this will also disable the access to future emails but all previous data are still stored within the application database.

Hope this helps.

cheers, thought it maybe worth a shot!