licence deactivated?

have same problem tried update and still nothing

same problem. Updated microsoft last night (update and shut down option). This morning message says eM Client doesn’t have a valid license. Put in license and it won’t take.

Same problem

I am not an eM Client employee, but I have an open support ticket with them and they gave me this response:

Licensing server is experiencing unexpected problems and we are in the process of the investigation.
So far it is not known what caused the problem but we are doing our best to address it as soon as possible as it seems to be a global issue.

Mine suddenly allowed me to reenter my license key and is now working again.

Same for me. The program just stopped working, other than allowing offline the use of existing mail. Message said there was not a  valid license; was able to get my license number  online from eM Client  but not able to  reactivate my account.

The problem seems to be fixed now. Let’s hope eM Client won’t mess up again any time soon. Poor communication via eM Client, btw.

I just reopened eM Client and now it is working.

just tried it again and it worked

Same here except the license is gone and the email that had the license is gone after EM crashed a few months ago.
Just performed a restore and got everything back! Not  a good solution but at least back in business.

Dear users,

During the last hour some of you experienced an issue with eM Client licence activation. Your licence was deactivated and it was not possible to re-activate it for some time. The issue was caused by an error in our Licensing system and we worked hard on a quick fix. 

By now you should be able to continue using eM Client. 

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Russel Markosky
eM Client