licence deactivated?

I haven’t changed my computer, haven’t changed anything on the setup, haven’t shared the activation key with anyone and out of the blue it asks me to enter my activation key - which is then rejected! Wtf, folks, I need to get work done. This is unacceptable. 

I have the same problem, after I installed latest Microsoft updates today. And worst, I can not re-activate, because I get the answer, that Maximum numbers of activations is reached.
Yesterday everything runs fine.

exactly the same happened here few minutes ago, no updates here of any kind, nothing, must be a problem at the company’s servers ?

Me too.

I just started having the same issue. eM Client locked up (which happens regularly), after forcibly closing the application I restated and it says I am not licensed. When I try to re-enter my key it does not take it and there are no errors. 

I have the same problem. I entered my license and nothing happens at all. It will not activate.

Same problem!

Same, Same, Same !!!

I have the same problem! It started this morning when I turned on my computer! Any known fixes??

Same problem

Same. On holiday in 2 days. Need email working URGENT. What is causing this emClient?

I think it is a serverside problem on there end who checks the keys when logging in.

same problem

exactly same problem…

same here.  3 different pc’s are down.  each with a different license.  

Same here.  Entering my key in the activation window just causes the progress circle to spin for a couple of seconds then nothing else happens.  I am using version 7.1.32088.0 which I am quite happy with and been using for years.

same problem all of a sudden it does not work.  put in key and nothing happens

Same.  just restarted to install Windows Cumulative Update,  March 12, 2019—KB4489899 (OS Build 17763.379)

I have the same problem as all others. When can we expect a fix from EM client ???

D. Eddington

Me also