Licence blocked

I am a home user, but I use an email from a technically paid domain, because a friend of mine, who runs a law office, gave m ean email to use when i need to send something for him - i perform some occasional consulting for him.

just because of that, with no warning, today I ran the client to see, to my surprise that

“em client cannot be used in this COMPUTER due to violation of service”

that means i cannot set up ANY email EVER again?

nice, except not nice.

great way to advertise for thunderbird, folks, real smooth.

Smacks of a self-inflicted injury to me.

Allowing someone else to use your address or using someone else’s mailing address as your own may be considered address fraud.

Address fraud is a serious crime punishable by jail time in some areas.

You are taking an enormous risk doing what you say, and I’m not surprised how eM Client reacted.

i think you misunderstood me

my friend have a DOMAIN and gave me one email adress for persnoal use, in that DOMAIN.

I Even used the word DOMAIN in the initial message. Do you know what a DOMAIN is, or are you fearmongering me with “jailtime” without knowing basic internet structure?

Because, according to your logic, Google and google users are risking jailtime because google allowed them to use their address…

What eM Client licence do you have?

doesnt matter anymore migrated to thunderbird. thanks for your time.

wont risk future problems like that “im sorry, you cannot access your mail anymore, and NO we have NOT sent you a previous warning, we dont care, have a nice -offline- day”

I think the problem is that you tried to use eM Client for commercial uses and you have been caught out! In the words of the great bard: “Hoisted by your own petard”.

If you read the licence agreement it states categorically no commercial use of FREE licences.

You can read it here:

As for Thunderbird. Good luck with that!

I used it for years. It fell over more often than a one-legged giraffe; maintained by volunteers and constantly begging for money. It doesn’t hold a candle to eM Client.

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I can only agree. I had enough of Thunderbird a while ago, when once again the add-ons did not work because of a new release. No such problems with eM Client. It has all the necessary functionality built in. So the best choice is just to pay for a good piece of software.

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OOhhOOOHhhhh they caught me doing a freelancer job and delivering the reports by email;;; ehat a CRIME.

TB will not blackball me without warning, be it a rhino or a giraffe. anyway, thanks, im out

Ha ha! They caught you being dishonest and you got what you deserved.

Go back to TB - you deserve each other! Bye Bye! Don’t call us we’ll call you.


OOOhhOOhh mr paladin, i got what i deserved, i was forced to stop using a client that actually timed out a lot, making me see, 4 times out of 5 the warning sign indicating client culd not synch

yeah, i got what I deserved, I deserve to be spared to spend equivalent of TWENTY MONTHS of amazon prime video+twitch on a program to track my average TWO emails per dayi receive in said address… Really, I dont know how I will cope. I might suicide, and it will be your fault.

And you thrash talking thunderbird, a client that is around being worked on and improved probably since before you were born, when you could not even discern the difference between “using someone´s email” and “having an email account in someone´s domain” is actually quite sad. I fell for you, man. Dropped on your head when baby, yes?

Oh My! - throwing your toys around because you’ve been caught out as a dishonest cheapskate.