Licence activation NOT!

Frequently my PC ‘loses’ the activation Code. I have to re-download the prog.
What’s the answer?

Are you using the same activation key on more than one computer?

It does not mean you have to re-download the application because it has become deactivated. Just go to Menu > Help > License and paste in your key. If you are going to be using eM Client on more than one computer, register separate Free Licenses for each computer.

Jesus you are an irritating company. I need your help sorting e mails and I cant because you have knackered my e mail and you wont communicate in any other way… I appear to have tried to do something I coulkdnt do and now noithing works properly. I have tried to get hold of technica

If you want to contact eM Client directly, you will need to purchase a Pro License. Once you have done that, open a support ticket with eM Client, and they will be able to help you further.

If you want assistance from the other users on this forum, please ask a question.