Letter symbol doesn't show in the system tray when I receive new emails?


Currently, I use the 9.1.2114 version that I update to it a few days and I found out that when I get new emails, the eM Client logo/Icon hasn’t changed to the “letter” icon to tell me I have new emails. Before this version everything was okay. Notification under Menu < Settings < Notification is on and “Use system notification” is unchecked. Why does this happen in this version? is it a bug and does anyone have the same issue?
I use eM on Windows 10 x64 and the previous version of eM that worked well was installed on this current Windows.


You are not alone with this, I have the same problem. I might try to downgrade since updates are not very common with EM.

Perhaps this is version-related. The version you mention is not an ‘official’ release, according to eMC Version Release web page.

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You’re right, I uninstall the current version and back to 9.1.2109, then fix it! Thanks!

After updating, the new email icon does not appear. So I knew that I did not need to update. Thunderbird also had problems after updates, now here.