Let us choose whether we see the next or the previous message after deleting an email

As the previous thread with this title was closed for further comments and since I have some comments to make on the subject, I am opening a new one.

In the previous thread where I asked if we could have a facility to choose whether to move to the next or previous message after deleting an email, Paul replied:

When viewing email in it’s own window after moving the message or deleting it,
etc. next message will be shown.

Next message will be chosen based on your sort order so if you’re using the newest on top, an older message will be shown. If you’re using oldest on top, newer message will be shown.

and then marked the thread as ‘implemented’.

Unfortunately, this is not quite what I was asking. I do not want to change the sort order to use the oldest messages on top, why would I want to see old messages first. When I open my email client, I prefer to see the new messages first, the ones I have to deal with, not old messages.

So, again, here is my request. It would be good to have an option to choose whether to move to the next or to the previous message when deleting an email, no matter what the sort order is.

The previous thread can be found at https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/after_deleting_an_open_email_if_we_want_another_message_t…

I am hoping that em client will choose to respond constructively and not simply close or delete this entry. As mentioned in my previous message, the software is pretty good for its price, but lacking a few essential features.

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That’ll be great if this worked if deleting both from inside the message and from the message list.