Let the message folder color indicate unread emails ....or a number as folder name postfix?

Assume I move automatically some incomding emails by a rule into various sub messages folders.

I am searching now for a way to get (later) a quick overview which of my (dozends) of message sub folders contain unread messages.

This should be done by let eMClient switch the color of the message folder name from black to e.g. blue. So when a certain folder contains e.g. 5 of 20 unread messages then its name should appear in blue in the messages folder tree on th left.

How can I achieve this?

Even better (Alternatively) the messages folder name should indicate the number of currently unread messages in it by appending the number in brackets behind it. So the message (sub) folder should look like e.g.

“amazon orders (5)”

How can I do this?

Thank you


Hello Peter,
colored indicators are not currently planned but the numbers of unread messages showing next to the names in Folders and Subfolders are already implemented, so I am a bit confused about your feature request:

The only case I can think of where you might not see them is if you have an IMAP account which does not download messages for offline use.
In that case, the full information is not downloaded until you open the messages and you only get ‘…’ indicator.
I suggest going to Menu>Tools>Accounts and under IMAP tab check the ‘Download messages for offline use’ option.

If you have a different account and this solution does not apply to you, please provide more information.