Left Sidebar Function Removal

I have Version 7 of emclient. I had the same version on a previous laptop where I was somehow able to remove the calendar, tasks and widget functions from the left sidebar. I don’t use them and only want mail and contacts. I now have it installed on a new laptop, Windows 7 and can’t figure out how to remove these functions from the left sidebar. Please advise.
Thank you.

Click the 3 … at the bottom of the folder sidebar
Click “Navigation Options”
Use the pop up to add/remove

There are no dots anywhere on the sidebar. Please can you provide screenshot of where they should be?

Sure thing…

Please tell me where to find this. No such option is available for me.

My apologies as I seem to have thought you were running eM Client v8 and that is what I sent you a screen shot of.

I am not sure but I think you can right-click Calendar or one of the others and then uncheck it… wish I could remember but a combination of age and not having run v7 for months now seems to be my enemy :wink:

There is no option. I have tried literally everything. However on my old laptop I have the same version and I somehow removed them so there is a way.
Please can anyone using Version 7 tell me how to resolve this.
Thank you very much.

This should help…


@tazerqueen In v7 right-click on any of the large left hand categories (‘Mail’, ‘Calendar’, ‘Tasks’, ‘Contacts’).

You should see something like this - I’ve right-clicked on ‘Mail’:

Screenshot (1)

There are ticks next to all four categories - I have all four displayed.

If I now left-click on any of the four ticked categories, the tick toggles off and that category disappears. Here I have right-clicked on ‘Tasks’, left clicked on ‘Tasks’ in the pop-up to remove the tick, hidden ‘Tasks’ and then right-clicked on ‘Calendar’ to show the current status. ‘Tasks’ is unticked and no longer appears:

Because all four always show in the right-click menu you can easily toggle them on/off.

There is also a ‘Widgets’ option you can turn on!