Left Mail pane split in sections for accounts and their folders

I consider buying eM Client, but the left email pane is a deal breaker. It has two main issues:

  1. It really is annoying to scroll through all the accounts and expanded folders (there’s a lot of these on my accounts). It would be really much more convenient to have sections like PostBox has (http://image.prntscr.com/image/543203ef4805456086a6c2a35430ef94.png) - you just click on account and bellow you can see folders of that account, click on another account and you have different list of folders.
  2. Unread count number should be shown not only near the subfolder where the message is, but also numbers should be summed up near the parent folders. Also would be nice to see a total count of unread messages near the account.
    If these two features would be implemented, I’d definitely move from Postbox to eM Client

Hello, thank you very much for the feedback. As always, we value it and I’ve added your suggestions to our feature request list for consideration for future updates.

This is imperative in my humble opinion. It is really difficult to navigate through all the accounts. Even better if you could tone the ones that are active and the ones that aren’t.

Thank you.

It’s been 2 years and still under consideration? Sad… eMClient has all I need, but these two features and notification for subfolders are still a deal braker :confused:

I don’t recall seeing any changes in this respect in the 7.2 release, but then the beta I looked at crashed before I could look too far. We will just have to wait and see. :wink:

Maybe what you want is an auto expand/collapse option, which is currently there manually by clicking on the arrow to the left of any folder that has sub-folders.

While a folder does not show a cumulative unread total for its sub-folders, the Smart Folder Unread will. Or you can also create Search folders to combine multiple folders from different accounts, or different folders from the same account, so it is very flexible in filtering unread messages. 

7.2 is out and still nothing on the matter :confused:

I think that any major interface changes might be reserved for version 8. Having said that, the heading of this post is left mail pane split in sections for accounts and their folders, which is what has always been in eM Client.

And again, from my comment above, Search Folders can be created to group or combine any number of things and is way more configurable than what I have seen elsewhere.