left-hand calendar view is scattered

on the left-hand side pane, under the calendar menu, the monthly view of the calendar isn’t appearing (only the upper part of it can be seen…)

Any idea of why this happens?

I confirm. Major drawback for this function.

between the calendar folders tree and month view there is a splitter, which may be dragged by mouse to change size of those panels. The fact that the splitter is almost invisible is a usability issue that will be address in the next version.

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thanks this makes it better

note though: i still have some issues seeing the whole month pane (last line is incomplete)…

thanks again


Thanks for the tip. As shown in my partial screen capture, this changes how the calendar sub-panel is split between calendar tree and the small calendar. It is shown in the Help file under Features > Calendar > Getting Started. I would prefer to be able to adjust the overall sizes of the sub-panels where the large arrow is in the attached image. Is this possible?

Yes I agree, the panels themselves (calendar,tasks,contacts) should move as in the picture below, it makes it far more logical.
Interestingly enough the right hand window/panel options do move like this, communication, contact, attachment panels, but some how the left ones dont something that needs fixing currently a major flaw in the program,most other programs do let you do this. In the end if you can change this option it just makes the program more user friendly.

Note: You can see below the red lines are where the mouse should be able to vertically adjust the position of the panels.
This would then remove the problem of the split calendar window as it would not also be needed at all after this was implemented
as each panel slides as you can see.