Layout settings not being retained from session to session

My eM Client settings- column widths, certain folders being open, etc. are not being saved from session to session. How can I save the layout settings so they don’t revert back to some default set of values each time I close the program? Thanks.

what version are you using?

Version 4.0.14479.0

Is there a newer version which fixes this bug?

please install the latest version from here:… and let me know if it solves your problem.

I just did and it did not. Most noticeable is the middle column (I have messages configured to appear on the right) which includes “subject”, “received”, etc.).

Whenever I close/reopen, that column reduces in width to a consistent, seemingly default setting.


Is there a fix for this bug on the horizon?

please install this version:…
It will hopefully resolve your problem.

Just installed and unfortunately the problem remains. Is there something I can do to help with the bug fix? Thanks.

could you please try if it happens with a blank database? Back up your existing database folder, delete the folder C:\Users%Current User%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client and check if the issue repeats. Then you can move your data (backed up database folder) back. Please inform me about the result.

So I don’t lose critical data, would you please advise the proper way to back up an existing database folder? Is it as simple as copying the C:\Users%Current User%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client folder and saving it elsewhere (and then moving it back after the program has been started/closed once, or is there a command within eM Client to back up one’s database?


  1. Rename the original database folder (“eM Client” -> “eM Client backup”)
  2. Run eM Client, it will create the new folder “eM Client”
  3. Test it
  4. Now you can delete the new eM Client folder and rename the original back from “eM Client backup” to “eM Client”

Thanks for clarifying. That makes it quite easy to troubleshoot.

Unfortunately the bug also exists with a blank database.

Please advise how I can help troubleshoot.

could you please send us your newly created database so we can analyse it? You can use and send it directly to me: [email protected]
Thank you.

I just sent the files from the new database folder to your attention using


BTW, the newest update (v. 4.0.15145.0) does not resolve this issue.

How is the solution for this bug coming along?

we were trying to simulate the issue, but with no result. Do you have installed all Windows updates? If not, please install it and then run eM Client - click “Help” in the menu - “About” and press Ctrl+Shift+C. Application error window will appear so please type in e.g. “Layout problem” into the description and click “Continue”. It will send us crash report and we will obtain more important data.

I just did this and the crash report should be available for your review.

Any progress on this bug? Thanks.

Our developers are still working on it.