Launch an external application

I think currently it is not possible to launch an external application from EMC (like in Mailbird).
Wouldn’t this be a new feature to be expected for a future version?

If you mean for opening attachments, we have always had that.

Just double-click on the attachment and it will open in your OS default for that file type.

No, it is not that.
I would like, for example, to open Google Docs from eM client.
It would suffice to have in eM client an icon that would contain a link to a local program or a web page (case of Google Docs).

If you receive a link by email to a Google doc, and you click on it on eM Client, it will open the Google doc page correctly in your browser.

If you receive an actual document attachment, double clicking on it will open the attachment in your OS default for that file type.

It is not that at all.
I have been using mail software for 25 years, think I know how it works.
Clicking on a link in an email, opening an attachment, … I known how to do this for a long time.

Google Docs does not send me emails, it is Google storage space: Google Docs: Free Online Document Editor | Google Workspace

I simply ask, regardless of emails, tasks, calendar, … whether or not it would be possible for eM Client to be able to open a web page or a program of the user’s choice by clicking, for example on an icon.
I gave you an example: I would like to see my notes which are in Google Docs, currently eMClient notes cannot be linked with Google Docs. It would therefore be easy to provide a link in eM Client that would open the Google Docs page.
This kind of possibility is found in Mailbird and perhaps in other mail softwares.

What I have found so far is to put Google Docs in the Widgets.

Yes, if someone sends you a link to the web page, clicking on it will open the page.

Yes, if someone sends you a link to a page, clicking on that will open the page in your browser.

But eM Client is not a menu system. Why would we add shortcuts to the toolbar to open other apps like you do from your Windows Start Menu? Just add a shortcut yourself to your Windows Start menu to open a specific website or application for you. Or add it as a favourite in your web browser.

Finally, I created a shortcut to Google Docs that I pinned to the taskbar.
It seems to me the easiest solution.
Thank you for your messages.