Latest windows 10 update

I updated Windows 10 a couple of days ago to version 1703 KB4040724 (OS Build 15063.632).  Since then eM Client crashes several times a day, apparently randomly, each time with multiple " eM Client Application Error" windows.  I have version 7.1.30794.0 of eM Client installed.

I’ve just discovered that every time I go to check the version of eM Client it crashes, when I click on Menu/Help/About.  This is in addition to the random crashes,even when I’m not doing anything

On my computers also runs W10 (Build 15063.632) in 64bit on W10 Home and Pro. EMClient is also version 7.1.30794.0 and on no computer there are problems. A different installed program may cause the errors.

I agree. I don’t think it is related to Windows 10 update as I am not experiencing these problems.

Thanks guys, I think you are right.  I updated my Sonos app this morning and rebooted, no problems since then