Latest version of emClient. Bug to report:

Latest version of emClient. Bug to report: If there’s a dot in a link, emClient sometimes randomly misses it out of the underlying URL (but not the visible text of the link).   If there’s a hyphen at the end of the link, such as https://www.theguardiancom/books/2017/apr/27/how-ebooks-lost-their-shine-kindles-look-clunky-unhip-  it repeatably loses it from the underlying URL (but not the visible text of the link). This causes the link to go to the incorrect page and report a 404.

Latest version means which version? Mac or PC?

A properly formed url does not end in a hyphen, unless someone did that purposely just to be different. In the example you gave above, the url probably continues on another line and has not been correctly inserted in the message. Can you give the message HTML please.

Windows. I can’t help it if websites add a hyphen to the end of their url. In the example I gave, the website added the hyphen you see there. If you go to that link and remove the hyphen the link the page now longer can be found. Other email clients handled that link correctly. No use complaining that links are not ‘fully formed’ when they are the actual web address of the page under discussion. Go to the page and try it for yourself.

BTW, the example I gave obviously did NOT go onto another line. Just read what I typed and take it as read that not everyone is an idiot. Go to the Guardian website, try the url without the hyphen and with it. While you are there, with the page open and displaying correctly, copy the link into an emClient message and send it to someone. When they click the link they will get  ‘page not found’. As I said, emClient is stripping the hypphen from the clickable link. Same with a dot in a link.

Unfortunately, the link you gave does not work, with or without the hyphen. I tried it in Thunderbird 73.0a1, Evolution 3.35.2 and eM Client 7.2.37659. Nothing in all three.

Please give the message HTML.

The link does work - I am on the page right now. This is the link:

It has the hyphen above as you can see. This is because emClient has not stripped it out. Are you able to help with this?

I confirm the link works when I click it. Now we have gotten this far, if you go to the page and then copy the link and paste it into an emClient message, you will see that it is truncated and thus does not work. It’s a bug.

So this is a different link to what you gave the first time. This one does work, even directly in eM Client.

No it is exactly the same link. It has the hyphen as part of the link that’s all, where the first one was truncated. When this link is pasted into emClient, the link becomes truncated. The hyphen is in the pasted text but not part of the clickable link so the link doesn’t work. Don’t worry about it - if you can’t reproduce the problem then you can’t solve it. I’ve already had support from several IT specialists and they say what I am saying - emClient is truncating the link.

No, it is not the same URL. The two are above for anybody to see that. The first does not work in all three email clients I referred to above. The second one works in eM Client, so I did not test it on the other two, but I suspect it will work as well.

I agree they are not the same. Did not even get as far as looking at it in eM Client because the first does not work clicking on the link on this page. You deliberately changed the underlying hyperlink, but it is also missing the dot in .com.

If you are going to give an example why you don’t just copy and paste. Why you have to manually change it?

The second work is in 7.2.36908