Latest V7

I have just upgraded to V7 and must say that i am really disappointed. Firstly when i send multiple emails they all go to drafts folder as my setting is not to send immediately. However I cannot add any CC or BC recipients. Further once in sent folder I cannot sent one at a time as i could before on V6. Can someone advise me what to do so that I can add attachments and additional email addresses
many thanks


Hello Bazza,

When you click on ‘Send’, e-mails go into the Outbox where you can still add Cc/Bcc recipient and attachments if you open the e-mail for editing. Please double click the e-mail for editing it (Conversations must be turned off - Menu -> View -> Conversations -> Show Conversations in Message Detail Only/ Disable Conversations). Is this not what happens?

As for the sending one message at a time - could you please described what exactly did you do in V6? I am not sure what behavior you’d like to replicate.


Thanks Maurice for the reply. I changed the settings for the conversations as above
 and it now allows me to edit and add email addresses and attachments.

As regards sending one message at a time i was able to have all the emails listed on the task bar and one by one open and add email addresses and attachments and then hit send when complete (that is send one email at a time after editing). At the moment all go into the sent box and after editing each email and then hitting the send button nothing happens until i refresh when all the emails will be sent from the sent box. I hope I have explained it sufficiently for you to understand what happened in V6.



Hello Barry,

Thank you for the update. Could you please go to Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Mail -> Send and check the option ‘Send messages immediately’? The messages will then be sent immediately after you press the ‘Send’ button.


Hi Maurice

Thanks for your reply. However I am sending direct from MYOB so if i do as you have suggested then i will not have a chance to edit or add emails addresses or attachments once I send from my accounting software (this is what actually happened the first time I used the new version as the default had as you suggested above). I then unticked “send messages immediately” so it now goes to my outbox until i hit send and receive all.I can now edit the emails before sending all together.I will just have to get used to the new way of doing things on V7.

Thanks for your help and support.

Kind regards