Latest upgrade has resulted in lost emails and missing folders

After receiving a pop up message asking me to upgrade EM this afternoon (I’m in Malaysia), I did so but encountered a problem. After my upgrade, I found out that all of my emails (in its respective folders) except for the ones received a few days ago, have gone missing! Surprisingly, my ‘sent’ emails are mostly intact (up to maybe a few weeks ago), but everything else has vanished. Since I use a POP server, all my emails are stored offline in my laptop, and I’m pretty sure that it is still intact in my laptop somewhere. I just need help in retrieving them so that my ‘new’ EM email will be back to normal. Can somebody help me with this? I don’t mind giving you a call so you can talk me through it; suffice it to say, my emails are extremely important to me, so the quicker I get this problem solved, the less stressed out I’ll be! Farrell (

Hello Farrell,

Could it be that you accidentally skipped the data migration from eM Client 6? This is needed because eM Client 7 has a new database structure.
You can import this data manually using the Menu -> File ->Import -> Import from eM Client 6 option (unless you selected and confirmed an option for deleting your old data).


I had the same problem as you. I had to do a restore point in Windows 10 to get back to ver 6 EM. I’ll stay with this version until ver7 is fixed.

To find where emclient stores emails  go to  menu_tools_settings_storage to find where it is stored. I recommend checking the parameters on ver 7  to turn off conversations to make it look more like ver 6. also if using gmail make sure allmail in gmail is turned on and local folders is also on.
The best way to migrate is run backup in ver 6  make sure you know where the files are and copy them to a known location of your choice. run the migrate and make sure you answer the question on migrating the data in ver 7.  after you migrate if you want to go back un install ver 7 and install ver 6 using this web site to grab your ver software if you cannot find it on your machine. Then do a full restore from the backup of ver 6 to get back to square one. Here is the web site for older versions
I have been using ver 7 for some time and after I set the parameters it looks and acts more like ver 6 so I am happy with it.  I did turn off conversation mode and built my own theme as the facility to create themes is no longer there.  That was my biggest complaint. 
I use gmail with imap and have identified several folders and do use autobackup on a weekly basis. and yes it does stop emclient while doing a backup and then returns when done. I clicked allmail in gmail (show)  and also use archive of mail over 6 months to the special archive folders which  are local to pc. All other folders are in gmail and a copy in my pc. (Imap feature not POP).  This way my phone and desktop are always in sync.  Hope this helps

Hi Maurice,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I tried importing data from eM Client 6 just as you instructed, and it worked… to a certain extent. I’m assuming that most, if not all, of my emails have been recovered but it’s hard to tell right now as I have 13,000 emails to sift through!

The most noticeable difference is that everything is now under the ‘Smart Folder’, as opposed to individual folders that I created over the years. This is why I’m assuming that most of my emails are accounted for, but I won’t be able to tell for sure until I sift through them.

Also, I’m assuming that my ‘sent’ emails are also included in the ‘Smart Folder’ as everything that remains in it now are emails sent via my mobile phone.

Is there another way to rectify my problem?

Kind Regards,

Hello Farrell,

Thank you for the update. Could it be that all of your individual folders are in Local folders, that are now not visible? Please turn them on in Menu ->Tools > Settings ->General - make sure the ‘Show Local folders’ option is checked.

Thank you,

Have had similar problems with crashing during update. I have retrieved my emails by importing from V6; however, all of my contacts are still missing. How do I retrieve them?

Hello Geoff,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please do the Import again but uncheck all options with the exception of Contacts?

Thank you,

I have this same problem, I have lost folders that I created for myself in version 6 and so far can’t find the emails which were in them, some of which were important.