latest update of version 4.0?

Hi, what is the latest version / Update of eM Client and when has it been released? TNX!

EM does not provide change log, which is hard to track. But the latest retail version can always be obtained at:…

TNX TNCS, this is valuable to know!

Not to hijack this thread but is there a particular reason change logs are not available? I’ll bet there are a lot of users like myself (geeky) that really like seeing what has changed between versions and revisions.

I second this.

When eM detect there’s an upgrade from the automatic update server, it will show the important/highlight stuff that has been fix or changed. EM Would also post a semi-detail on the forum if there’s a major version rolling out. But few minor revision would skip this. Occasional beta here and there post over this forum also won’t.

Understand that’s what is being done now however it would not be very difficult to have a web page that shows lists of improvements, bug fixes, enhancements that were done for each release.

Maybe put this as a suggestion over another topic?

Thanks. I may do just that.