latest release ?

According to the release history. 7.1.33101.0 is the latest release. On the other hand, all sorts of numbers have been thrown around in this forum, the latest beeing …xx506.0. Considering that the official latest release is now just shy of 4 months old, and also considering all the polishing that will have gone on in the meantime, wouldn’t it be nice to officially update the release history?
(Just in case someone from emClient Inc. is watching this forum)

I think most of those are new Mac OSx betas.

Yes, 7.1.33101 is the current release. Sometimes a newer internal build is provided to an individual, or a beta like the Mac version is made publicly available, but these are more for testing than for general use.

The 7.2 release should be the next official one, but it is still in beta so has not been released.