Latest email in preview pane

My preview pane doesn’t always show the latest email in a string. However, if I click on the the arrow showing the number of emails in the string, it shows them in a list in descending order - latest email at the top (this is a killer feature of eM Client IMO). Why can’t I get the preview pane to also show the emails in descending order?

Because you don’t read messages in that order. When you look at the preview pane, you read from top to bottom. If they were sorted with the newest at the top in the preview, it would be like reading a book starting at chapter 10, then reading chapter 9, then chapter 8 etc.

But I do read emails in that order. I don’t agree with your analogy Gary, emails are not a book. When I used to file letters in a lever arch file, the latest letter went on the top, I would never file it on the bottom and I don’t know anyone who did. That’s because, like emails, I would have already read the previous letter(s). But if I want to re-read or refer to the previous email/letter, I would scroll down (or flip down in the case of a lever arch file).

Either way, I don’t see why this shouldn’t be a user choice?