Latest eM client 888.0 freezes for 2 min, Chat stopped working


I recently upgraded to the latest 888.0 client on Win10, syncing 2 Gmail accounts, and started experiencing some issues (which never happened before):

  1. Client freezes for a couple of minutes - no mouse activity possible, and then returns to normal. Happens every 20 min or so. I am guessing it has something to do with a network setting, where it is sending/receiving data or synchronizing - but I can’t find any such setting, and I didn’t change anything during the update.

  2. Chat used to work, but now it will not let me change my status to online and show contacts - only stays offline.

Any help would be appreciated.

chat is offline for me as well, I think google changed a protocol so eM needs to be updated for that…

I deleted the accounts and re-added them, and chat started working.

I still have the weird freezing up for a couple of minutes at periodic intervals - any thoughts, anyone? thanks

ah yeah, removed and added account and now the chat works again :slight_smile: great thanks