Late email notifications

How do I set up the client to receive immediate server notifications. All it does it refresh at the set time. If it can’t do this then this client is useless to me. Even thunderbird can push emails to the server

If your account is setup as IMAP, and the server supports PUSH (or IDLE) IMAP, then you will get Inbox messages in real time.

If your account is setup as Exchange, the Inbox will sync at 1 minute intervals.

If the account is setup as POP3, it will download new messages on the schedule specified in Menu > Settings > General > Synchronization.

All other IMAP and Exchange folders, as well as contacts and calendars, will also sync on this schedule specified in your settings.

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It is set up with IMAP but they only push in real time when I have emclient open in full screen. If I minimize then it uses the synchronization that I have set. All other email clients push in real time. emclient is the best one I have used but this issue is making me go back to something else

Is it that the account Inbox is not syncing, or that you are not being notified?

If it is not syncing, how did you determine that?