Last Updated / Last Modified column for Calendar items?

In the Calendar, how can I see a “last modified” column for each item?

I’m working on moving over from Outlook, & this is a pretty basic/fundamental column that I rely on. I use my calendar as something of a ToDo list, and in list view, I sort by this column to see what I was working on most recently, if anything has been updated/synced from WebDAV, etc.

Unfortunately eM Client does not display the modified field, so you cannot sort on it.

Is this something that can be rectified before v8 goes final?  Seems like a very basic/fundamental thing to be missing…and also seems like it would be extremely easy to fix.  It’s not missing for Contacts, so I don’t see why it would be missing for Calendar.

For issues with the beta version, please send feedback to [email protected]

But just looking at the beat version, I don’t see the modified field in either contacts or events. Could you provide a screenshot showing this option in contacts, Metal450? Maybe I am missing something.

They called it “Updated.” I can’t get into the contacts screen right now…it crashes the second I try to do so (which I’ve already reported to them, waiting to hear back). But they called it “Updated” (I’m assuming that means modification date - I didn’t explicitly test).

Ah yes, found it. Thanks Metal450.