Last update has errors wiht Gmail and OAuth

Authentication errors are reproduced after upgrading to the version version 7.1.30794.0.

List of errors reported:

  • Error: “An access token must be provided to use GOAuthRequestFactory”
  • [IMAP] Wrong configuration? (This is imposible, previus this no happens)
  • [XMPP] No implemented mechanisms in: X-OAUTH2 X-GOOGLE-TOKEN PLAIN

I think that is a problem with the OAuth with Google.

I recomends your email client to all my associate and prevents about the update to de last version. All of them have installed the version 7.1.30508.0 and works fine.

Hello Juan,

Just as you say, after the new update there was a trouble with Google’s OAuth. In this case, simply removing the account and configuring it will help. You don’t need to worry, after the account removal and reconfiguring all the data will be pulled again into eM Client.