Last Try! - Some emails not showing up in inbox

For some reason some emails- IMPORTANT EMAILS - are not showing up in inbox. I have to keep checking “All Mail” many times a day just to see if I’m missing anything.
Also, my calendar is not working as it used to (pre version 8). I get 2 or 3 notifications for the same event AFTER the event.

I made a previous post with zero response. Help is greatly appreciated.

Open Gmail in your web browser, and go to your settings.

In the Labels tab, make sure that Important is enabled to Show in IMAP.

I appreciate the reply.

In my settings, “Important” is already enabled.

Any other ideas?

And the Important Folder in eM Client is empty?

It is now. I don’t delete emails of any significance so there were about 1800 emails in the important folder so I moved them to another folder. So now I guess I wait to see if my emails are coming through!
Thanks for the help. Can I ask the significance of the folder being empty?

Just wanted to confirm that you actually clicked on that folder in eM Client and it was empty.

I was going to suggest looking for errors, but if you can see them in All Mail, then it seems they are actually syncing. They must be in a folder somewhere unless they just don’t have any label at all, like they have been archived.

Maybe open the web interface, find one of these messages and check what labels it has. That will indicate which folder it is in.

Ah, okay. Well, as I said, it wasn’t empty but is now.
Just to be clear, I can see all my emails in “All Mail” there are just some emails that aren’t showing up in “Inbox”. When this first started I looked at the labels for the emails that weren’t showing up and they were labeled as “inbox” but they weren’t showing up despite their label. So all my mail is coming through it’s just not showing up in the right place. I have to keep checking “all mail” several times a day to see if I’ve missed anything or compare my android app gmail inbox to my computer inbox to see if I’m missing anything. Really aggravating.
Thanks again for the help.

Well, still not working. It seems the emails not showing up may have attachments. Would this be significant?