Last font color selection isn't kept

The eM Client version I’m currently using is 6.0.19861.0. However this issue comes from the previous versions.

When composing emails, if I select a different color for a word the color should stay selected in the palette so I could apply it again to other words. Since this doesn’t happen I have to open the palette and select the color again.

The issue is even harder if I use a color different to the Standard Color Palette. Let’s say that I create a color combination and apply it to a word. Since the last color I used isn’t kept for a quick selection I must go and mix the color again in the “More Colors” option.

To be fully understood I created the ANIMATION below…

Thanks for your support and I’d love eM Client could add this feature in future versions.

Juan Andres

Hi, this is not bug. This is how it should behave.


Hi, it is not logic it works that way…

The usability of the color tool is to use the last color selection, so I could use that selection to apply to a new text in my document with one single click. Right now I have to do 2 clicks, and when the palette rolls down I have to look for the color of my last selection. Yes, it is highlighted, and it is a good aid; but that’s not the idea.

This is a new animation I created of how MS Word works, which is the logic process:

Hi, please be aware of that eM Client is email client and it is not meant for advanced text formatting.

You have posted here screenshot from Word which is totally different software and has different use.


Sir, advanced text formatting…? EMC has already the color palette, what I’m saying is about the way it is used. It does not sound “advanced” to me. Btw I’m not trying to compare both applications, I was just pointing an example.

Please target this from the objective of my comment; the “logic” process is as I have mentioned. The text color control box should display the color that has been previously selected so you could apply it again; otherwise it is useless!

I am not using the EMC free version but the licensed version. If I invested some money on it I expect that these kind of things are taken into consideration for future versions of the software.

Thanks, Juan


I totally agree with Juan. I’m also running the Pro version and the current behavior is not logical.
As a developer myself, I think the software must adapt to human habits and logics, not the opposite.
Could you please consider to change the way the colors are kept in memory by the font color palette?
If you don’t want to impose this new behavior to everyone, make it as a tick box option.

Thank you for considering our request and making us think that you are listening your customers!

Thanx for being with me on this, buddy!

I think on this color control box thing every time I use my eM, which is tons of times a day. And since I work in advertising I use color over text a lot! So this issue comes into my mind over and over again…

I wonder how complicated it could be to activate the functionality I’m talking about, since this already Works “internally”. I mean when you select and apply a color, the next time you go to the color gallery THE PREVIOUS SELECTION IS ACTIVE and displays a tiny red frame around it. I just say that it would be more accurate and useful if the selected color were displayed in the button, so if you need to use it again you just press the button without the need to open the color gallery.

Btw, currently this color box button is “pushable”, and it highlights when you place the mouse over indicating that something will happen…, but nothing happens!! If you click the “A” nothing happens. You need to click the little arrow to open the color gallery. So the ‘action’ is there! It works! But it isn’t active yet!

It is THIS CLOSE to work as it should. AS EVERY TEXT EDITORS WORK!!!

The time I’d save by having this functionality is priceless!!!

Thanks, Juan

Hi Juan,

I like the animations you made to clarify things. Which program do you use for that?

Well thanks!  =)  It is just an animated gif , as simple as that. Various applications are capable of producing these easy-to-do animations. For these ones I used Photoshop.

Regards, Juan

I would like this feature as well. It seems normal to me that the ‘A’ font icon would just repeat the last font selected … and the drop down would allow you to change the format.

While we’re on it… the format paint brush would be nice if you could doubleclick it to ‘lock’ it on so you can use it multiple times until you turn click it again to turn it off. (Similar to MS products)