Large text when composing?


When I press reply, the email text comes up larger than the setting I have it on. I keep it at 10pnt. This also happens when I create and compose a new email however, it sends in the right sized text… So only when viewing a reply or composing… Why is this and how can I correct it?

(Wondering if I have inadvertently pressed something)


Click in the Compose, Reply or Forward window body and then press the Ctrl key, & while holding press the 0 key to get the font size back to default.

You can also hold down the Ctrl key and while holding, press the + and - keys to zoom the font txt size in or out.

Lastly you can also press Ctrl & Move the scroll wheel up and down to zoom the font txt size in or out.

whoop whoop… sorted. Thank you very much cyberzork. So I must have done that in reverse to have caused the problem.

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