Large deletion process 'freezes' client (7b2)

Not a major issue, but an issue I am experiencing.

First an idea (I will x-post) it would be nice to have a ‘delete folder contents’ rather than just ‘delete’ in the folder context menu.

Secondly, and this may be due to my insane email load, when deleting a folders contents (by left clicking to select it, then ctrl+a to select all, then shift+delete to delete all) the client freezes. This could probably be handled in a background thread and we could display a friendly message. This may not have come up in test cases because I noticed it only when running it against 30,000 messages (one of our automation systems needs to get tuned, but I don’t own it).

It is worth noting the client did not crash. I trusted it was just working hard and it did finish.

In any case, that is my suggestion. Good work on client 7, I will likely buy it if some of the things I hear being worked on are completed!