Language changing is very easy.
Right click in the new mail window. If dutch or another language is not available you can very easily download the right language in spelling control  

I think it could be easier. The software should support an auto language recognizion or at least allow 2 “active” languages for spell checking. Most companies now aways have local and international mail contacts to deal with, if you have to manually switch for every second email you are answering its quite a hassle. 

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Nice feature in emClient.
Change spelling language by changing keyboard language when composing mail.
(left) alt+ shift in Win10

International users of eM Client will love this feature. Your keyboard automatically tells eM Client which language to spell check your emails in. No need to switch eM Client spell checker language when you set up this email client! The application can just check to see which keyboard language you have set, and adapt to that language. We love to make things simple for you!

But, does it work?

To assign your HW keyboard of your country go to language settings in Win10 (to get the right key-layout)

That will be a great feature. I have tried switching between the two languages of my keyboard but it just didn’t work for me. It will fantastic if eM client could recognize at least two languages. For international user writing emails in various languages is very annoying to keep switching! It will be also fantastic to include a grammar checker or an addon for Grammarly or similar!