Language settings

How can I update a localization dll with the

I don’t like to make a complete new language file just update a existing one with some corrections.

The do not contain the base files as described.
I just extract it out from the delivered dlls to xml, changed some words, created a new dll.
But this new dll contains the updated words only…

I had the exact same issue, when updating a couple of words, only those were present in the new dll file.

Is there somebody who knows how we “update” a language just with some corrections?

If it’s just corrections then write them to us to [email protected]. It is possible to manually adjust the language files with our localization tool (, but we don’t recommend it because it would break with every update.

Hi Filip,

I still want to adjust my dll. Tell me please step by step, how to do it by localizator.

Do you want to modify english or any other language?

Hi Michal,

I’m using Russian localization.

There are some bad strings I would like to correct as they appear, not spesially seeking them. I’m translator and I could translate file in whole, but I have little time for thousands of lines :-)).

When I will finish, I can send result to developers… progressivly…

In whole, I like your program.