Language Removal Instructions in eM Client

How do I remove all languages EXCEPT English from version 2.7.8313.0 and any previous versions?

just delete (or move/rename) folders “cs”, “de”, “fr”, “pt-br”, “ru”, “zh-CN” and “zh-CHT” from your eM Client program directory (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\ or C:\Program Files\eM Client\ depending on your operating system).

Hi, I had hoped that by removing the different languages I would not receive emails from these different languages. Do I need to filter these out some-how? I am unsuccesful in setting up a filter to send these dirrectly to spam. Could you help me figure this out?

an email filtering based on language is not possible. You can try to “play” with spam rules setting in menu Tools->Rules maybe based on some most used foreign key words found in email.


Thanks !

This advice is not totally correct, certainly not for version 5. The language files to delete are the ones in the …/program files/em client/dictionaries folder.


in folder Dictionaries are files for language check.

language localizations itself are in those cs, de, fr etc… folders.


My apologies,John. I posed a question relating to removing unwanted dictionaries and this thread was offered to me, which I interpreted to answer my question.

The original answer is correct and my amendment is wrong.

it is okay this happens, but I needed to clarify this so other users won!t get confused.

with regards