"Language Changing Problem" Under Windows XP!

Dear eM Client! I’m a hungarian user.  And If I try to change language in the program after “OK” or “Apply” nothing happened… System was a Windows XP! (As I remember SP3 is istalled.)

Hello Gulya,

Please let me know what version of eM Client are you using? In the new version 7.1 the Hungarian seems to work properly.


As I remember in the language list every version started with 7.1…

Hi Gulya,

I would like to point out that we do not support Windows XP OS in version 7.1 so you might experience following error as explained here: https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/windows-xp-no-longer-supported-issues-with-connecting-to-…

If you are using older version of eM Client, I would like to know which one so I can test the issue in order to provide you a solution.

Did you also try reinstalling eM Client?

Thank you.

Yes, I tried… (I uninstalled 7.1 & than tried to download eMClient 6.0 from a 3rd party page, but after installation everything become the same and 7.1 again. (And I still couldn’t change language. No error message, but nothing happened again after applying the hungarian language.)  (So I guess the 3rd party page was linked to Your company’s webpage… So the information must be outdated on the 3rd party site and it was’nt 6.0 anymore…)

Can You send me a link to a reliable older version which is available in hungarian?

Thank You!

/Additional Information: I installed the program through TeamViewer both in all cases…/

Gulya, if you really want to download version 6, get it from the eM Client website. Just scroll down to the version you want.

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