Lacking features

Hate outlook and switched to eM client Pro. Using version 8 on Windows i7 top of the line business grade laptop.

I find the client lacking some features but I thought I would ask just in case I cannot find the correct settings:

1- I open emails in new window. If I reply or forward a message, shouldn’t the original message closes automatically?

2- cannot forward a meeting to others if I did not create the meeting?

3- cannot print a single Calendar item. I usually send the agenda in the body of the meeting request and want to have a hard copy to use especially if I am sharing my screen.

4- if I double click a single meeting, it crashes and restarts.( Happened 6 times in two days)

5- I set eM client as my default email app on my computer, however, if I am in a document( word, pdf, excel or Project), if I try to share by email, it does not intialize eM.

Sorry for the multiple topics.

No, you cannot.

Right-click on the item and choose Print Selected.

Some other users have reported this issue:

Go to your Windows Settings > Apps > Default Apps > Set defaults by app.

Find eM Client and click on Manage.


Set all the items (except webcal) to eM Client.


Thanks Gary for all your help.
The only feature that DID NOT work is sharing documents by email. I followed all the steps, screen shots are below:
image Picture2 Picture3

It works just fine with LibreOffice.

Is that Microsoft Office, or an online application you are using to view your documents?

I use Microsoft office, but it did not work with Adobe PDF reader or bluebeam revu either. The latter two are not Microsoft products.

It must still be application specific.

I tried sending a pdf from PDF-Xchange Editor using Share > Send by email, and it works.

What I suggest is you open a support ticket with eM Client, and they will be able to assist you further. Just be aware that they don’t work on weekends.

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Thanks Gary.
I will definitely do that.