Labels in the LabelList

Hello, I am currently testing the eM Client and have a problem.

When I work with labels and display all emails in a list, the label is not displayed in the list. I have shown the column - does anyone have an idea? greetings from Germany

The Tags section in the sidebar displays local tags only.

So if those are server tags, you won’t see them there.

Thanks Gary for your quick response.
I created the labels in eM. So these are local labels - I can also select them when I open the pulldown in the list.

You can create server tags in eM Client, and you can select both local and server tags in eM Client as well.

Go to Menu > Tags. Next to the Save & Close button select either Local Tags or from one of your servers.

But only those under Local Tags will be displayed in the sidebar.

Thanks Gary for your quick response.
Ok… found the solution - icloud doesn’t work with tags so only local tags work

Have a nice weekend

how can I backup labels in individual e-mail messages. Because when I backup all the settings to *xml, the labels are not backed up even though they are in the backup menu

You need to backup the messages. To do that use Menu > Backup. That will backup the complete database, all your settings and preferences as well.

That is not a backup, but an export. What is does is export only your settings. It doesn’t backup or export the messages, and it doesn’t export server tags either, only local tags.

it works thank you very much…i love this e-mail client