Labels/Categories which can filter the Inbox like in Opera Mail


I’m transitioning from Opera Mail to em Client, as this is the best alternative I found so far and development of Opera Mail seems to be stopped.

My very favorite feature from Opera Mail are “labels”, which can configured to hide the original message from other views, like the “Unread” messages. This way it was easy for me to see if I got new “Work” or “Family” mails.

Categories in em Client comes this very near, but miss the option to hide the messages in other views.

Hi, in eM Client you can use “Rules” in Tools - Rules to sort out your emails into folders you like.


Hi Jan,

Thanks for the reply.

I already use rules to “categorize” my mails. Moving them to different folders is not the same, as this is a “move” and not a “label and hide” command.

Moving might work for me, if I could move “Local Folders” to the top, but there are only “Smart Folders” I can’t create my own folders in. I just want to have one inbox and not go through my email accounts.

Btw. it would also fit my needs if search folders or categories would show the number of unread messages.