Labels and Icons

Hi, I just upgraded to version 9 pro. Question: how do I get rid of the icons (that identify the sender) and the yellow labels like “important”, etc.?

Right-click a blank space on the horizontal columns line aand click on Column configuration. “Avatar” is the sender’s icon

I think you are looking to remove either the “flag” or “tag”. I don’t use those so not sure which will do the trick

Or, you can right-click on the column header row, and untick the Show Avatar option.

So, found all, and am happy. Thanks for the advice ans tips.


I am not seeing the “show avatar”… what am I missing?


The option is for the default compact view.

As you are using the single line view, you will not have some of the context options.


Is any of this detailed anywhere? How would anyone know anything about this and the other “context options” we are missing out on?

No, the different context options are not detailed anywhere.

That’s a shame… thanks