Label color-icon insufficiently discernable and not accessible (section 508) to anyone color blind

The label-icons on mail in the list-layout are 3px X 9px tiny rectangles of color that are very difficult to discern when the color-shades are similar, and I can differentiate between color well - people who are color-blind cannot and would not have any idea what tags are on any email.

Suggestion: add (or make as a configurable option) alternative easier-to-identify icons that are bigger horizontal color bars with the initial 4-5 chars of the tag-name over them. The icon and text-size should be dynamic based on how many tags you are displaying, 1-tag = fullsize icon/font, more tags = super-tiny text/bars.

Hello Eric,
thank you for your feedback, I’m sure our developers will give it a thought.
At this time, if you use the column view you can hover over the ‘Category’ column and full list of categories will show up.


Thanks - onhover is a slow mechanism for information due to the hover delay, and it is also deprecated from use since touch interfaces can’t access hover actions.