keyboard use and emclient menu

good morning everybody,
i’m trying last beta in these days. Program goes always better and better but still there are things that really stop me to use emc as:

The vertical menu, is a good idea, but an alternative to choose between vert. and hor. main menu would let the user customize it in a better way.

There are no keyboard shortcuts for manage mail: just one shortcut available to send+receive mail together and no more.
For my work I coud feel more comfortable to set 3 separate assignable shortcuts, as for example:
F3 = send pending mail from all account,
F4 = get all new mail from all accounts,
F5, = send and receive from all accounts.(present)

At last, missing now the above shortcuts, the workaround could be to automatize keystrokes but no automatization possible because of the vert. menu. When i press the kbd sequence to open the menu for update the mail, (for italian translation) instead it opens always the main menu.
Nothing against grabbing and shaking the mouse but for me the kbd is much more quick and intuitive.

any hope to have almost a response ?