keyboard shortcuts

Please make available a menu that allows for easy costomization of all the functions in EMClient. Working with keybord shortcuts is the fastest way ever possible.

Adjusting them as the users sees fit is essential - everybody has a different set of software tools they work with. As a result, everybody has a different set of shortcuts in their mind - making new ones fit into that realm is userfriendly and helps A LOT in making people like the workflow with your software.


Keyboard shortcuts menu is already implemented in next major version which is planned to be released in few weeks and works flawlessly.

with regards

ahhh. wonderful. thax a lot for this update

what about the possibility to define shortcuts w/o the CTRL or ALT key, like in thunderbird? I would like to switch permanently to eM client, I like the built-in caldav/carddav support (my reason to switch), but I find it difficult to get used to the CTRL+key type of shortcuts… much easier to press M for mark as read and N to jump to next unread mail (which btw, does not have a shortcut at all).
thanks, keep up the good work.

+1 here. I like eM Client, but I really need to triage my email on a daily (several times a day, really) basis. Being able to hit ‘e’ to archive, and ‘#’ to delete, for example, make it much easier from a UX perspective because I can keep my left hand on my keyboard, and my right hand on the mouse. I suspect many people would appreciate that too. Thanks for a great mail product.