Keyboard shortcut for next unread email?

This seems like such a basic functionality, but I cannot for the life of me find it if it exists - how can one, using only the keyboard, go to the next unread message in a folder?  I’m using the eMClient 7.0 RC (which is otherwise great, BTW - thanks for that!).

Down arrow does  this in v6.xxxx

That goes to the next message, not the next unread one, at least in v7.

I do not have 7,  but in my “smart folders” there’s a thing to click to show only unread messages. Do that, then use down arrow. Clunky maybe, but works.

Yes, it does.  Was just about to state this myself!  :)

Well, that might need to be suggested, and, frankly, it doesn’t seem all that basic to me to have a keyboard key to skip only to the next unread email.  I realize we don’t all do email the same, so making it a suggestion might be a thought.  

Hello Adam,
there is indeed no separate shortcut for opening next unread message.
However you can either check your messages in the Unread Smart folder or, before checking the messages, change the sorting filter to sort the messages by Unread/Read status rather than received time before you start reading your messages.
The sorting filter can be easily changed above the message list - just change the ‘Sorted by Received’ to ‘Sorted by Icon’.


Ahha!  The global unread smartbox isn’t very useful to me as with a dozen accounts and many dozens of folders, I quite often have 1000+ unread messages, and I don’t necessarily care about most of them at any given time, but sorting by icon seems to work very nicely - thanks!

Found this via search.  I also need a way to navigate to next/prev unread message.  I can’t even find a way to do this using the menus.  This basic functionality has been in Thunderbird forever.  When I upgraded from emClient 6 to 7, for some reason scattered messages in various folders that were previously read were marked as unread.  I follow mailing lists, so I have lots of folders and messages.  Selecting “Mark all Messages as Read” didn’t work.  So, I had to manually scroll through hundreds of messages to find the unread ones.

Please provide functionality to navigate to next/prev unread message, and then assign a keyboard shortcut to it.  Thanks.

I too would like a simple way to read next message, unread or not.

I’m able to use the gray cursor up and down keys to accomplish that.  eM Client help says the official shortcut keys are:

Ctrl + <  - Previous Message

Ctrl + >  - Next Message

I now see that those work regardless of where the window focus is.  My method only works if the focus is on the list of message headers.  You can see the complete list of shortcut keys here:
[…]( _____ 4)

Have been investigating why the CTRL > and < shortcuts for next or previous message do not work as intended.

These shortcuts use “special characters” that are located in different positions on national keyboard - in US english, < and > are to the left of the letter M.

Pressing the corresponding keys i.e. on a German Keyboard Layout CTRL + Comma or CTRL + point does the trick.