Key board short cuts

Has anyone added keyboard shorts cuts, maybe using a 3rd party software? I want to press a key and send an email to a given folder. - Jay

Did you try “Copy to Folder” (CTRL+SHIFT+C)?

Yes, but then I have to select a folder …trying to remove that step. I like to press a key combo and have that email move to a folder.

I understand. A rule maybe? You can then either copy or move your messages.

No that will not work as I want to read the email and decide which folder it should go to.

Until a pro here might come up with a pro answer to your question, wouldn’t you just simply drag and drop any mail you want to a folder of your choice?

I drag and drop, which is a lot easier than using the Move to folder option.

There is no keyboard shortcut to move a message to a given folder, and I doubt it would be possible to do with a macro type utility. It might be too difficult to record all the keystrokes, and then what happens of the folder moves it’s position in the list?

But who knows? I also would be interested if anyone has come up with a solution.