Kerio, exchange , MAC

I have Problem with OS X Catalina exchange setup. I followed this guide:
After I add my name when I click next its not offer me services to choose. When I hit finish its adding the account. And here comes the problem the account is added as IMAP not exchange. 
I plan to buy pro license but without the working I can’t. 
My mail sever is a kerio. 
Can someone help me? 
EM client version latest downloadable. 

Hi Norman,
have you tried using the manual option for Exchange?
The Automatic setup will use the settings that are set as default on your server’s autodiscover, so if you server has IMAP set as defaul and not EWS, IMAP will be used.

So please try to follow the step number 3 from the link you posted and let me know if that works better.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Thanks Olivia, 
As I wrote I followed that guide. SO I added manually as the step 3 shows. 

So will there be no solution for setup exchange on mac?

Hi Norman,
thank you for confirming, the page shows 2 ways to add the EWS account, so I wanted to make sure you tried both, as the manual Exchange setup should not be able to create an IMAP account, but the Automatic setup might.
Would it be possible to get a testing email account on your server so we might try to analyze and find a solution for you?
Are there any errors or any other weird behaviors during any of the setups?

Please send any closer to details to so I can continue troubleshooting this directly with you, thank you.