Keeps on crashing when selecting another folder quickly

emClient crashes when I quickly select another folder in the left bar. E.g. when I select Inbox, and then immediately select Sent … baam! I should wait … and the select the other folder, otherwise it crashes.

I suddenly started having this problem with 9.0.1708.0 and now, after upgrading to 9.1.2109 (9967b93), the problem remains.

But I saw it elsewhere: when trying to open an attachment (pdf), bam!

After restarting emclient and retrying it works.

It’s very easy to reproduce. I’m on W11.

When it crashes, it just disappears. No messages whatsoever.

This is most likely the Windows 11 UI automation bug. Microsoft are aware of it, but have not yet provided a fix except in some recent Insider Developer Builds.

Until they do provide a fix, you may be able to bypass that issue by running eM Client in Windows 8 compatibility mode.

This was already discussed here.

This Windows 11 update Gary is talking about (2H22) which should fix these issues caused by the Windows 11 OS itself (Windows 10 doesn’t have this issue) will be released on September 20, 2022 from Microsoft. So you can try to run in Windows 8 compatibility mode as Gary suggested or install the 2H22 update once it is released on Sept. 20.