Keep selected message when changing sort of message list

When I have a message selected (and it shown in preview pane), if I change the message list order (i.e. sort by sender), the message list is shown from the begining (so the message header I was already viewing in this list could stay out of sight if I have many emails) and it’s deselected, even when it continues in preview pane.

In other email clients the message continues selected after sorting and scroll of message list is automatically moved to be sure the selected message is visible (usually the first one in the list).

I agree this is a useful feature, but it works for me - staying referenced to the selected message.

I don’t know if I understood correctly but, in my case, the selected message stay referenced but is not shown (fall down in the list accordingly to new sorting mode) and loose the shadowed color that shows the selected message, but I can still reply or forward message as it appears in preview pane.

we are aware of this issue and will try to fix it as soon as possible.